”Harbour” is not my place to be

My name is Živilė Osman. I am a free spirit, living in the moment, floating with the sound of love, always appreciating and having a devilish desire to reach the maximum of my potential. Deep in my heart I have always knew that I am here for some big reason and that life ahead of me is a pure adventure.

So I have never skipped the opportunity to learn something new, explore new places or cultures. During my summer vacations I have lived and worked in several islands like Cyprus or Mallorca. All my future visions were about travelling and seeing natural landscapes somewhere in another part of Europe, soon after – in other continents too.

So when I have finished my bachelor degree I escaped from typical life in order and I delayed some future steps like – career, work, loans, flat, car, kids and etc., and I chose to travel or maybe is more accurate to say I chose to go after my dreams. Why? Well because it just makes me feel alive and happy. As writer J. A. Shedd says – “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”. I agree with him and I think that I wasn’t created to stay in a harbour neither.

I have lived in Ibiza once, but don’t make a wrong impression, I wasn’t participating in fancy parties, I preferred dancing with barefoot happy hippies listening to live music and percussion sessions. As well with my best friend we made same tattoos on the finger saying “ibiza”. Actually to make it we had to “borrow” the menu of one lounge bar, because it was their logotype. So my dear Ibiza, I will never forget you.

When I was travelling in Brazil I had luck to see and even to feed one of the smallest monkeys in the world – marmosets. Super cute animals! As well I tried surfing, but unfortunately my “colleague” – the dog, was much better in it. Yes, you read it good, a dog on a surfboard.

Moreover I have slept on the sand in a desert in Morocco once, just like that or like Spanish people says – “tal cual”. I have asked the local guide is it safe enough to do that, but the only answer I got was – “if you are good person no scorpions or snakes will bite you”. Well I can be proud of myself – I am a good person!

But don’t get me wrong I don’t say, that I will never want a family or a stable life or that people who live standard, usual lives are somehow less good. Absolutely no. I just don’t think that everything in life should go step by step as “all” people do as it “supposed” to be lived and that there are age limits to certain things like the age to get marry or be stable or have a career.


There is nothing more beautiful to me than a person who does what he wants and when he wants. In this case you live without regrets or doubts “what if”. I don’t say it’s easy, but it’s totally worth it. Everyone has a right to live his own life, to do things as he or she sees it right, be different, be unique and be happy.

When you concentrate on yourself and when you stop comparing yourself to others you can feel the real harmony of life. There always will be better and worst people than you and everything is good here, totally normal and natural. Everyone is improving on their own time. So getting out of life norms or getting out of anything that makes you feel stuck or makes you feel living someone else’s life, is one of my biggest life values.

I am 29 years old at the time and I can happily say that I have been almost in a same amount of countries already. To be honest I should admit that some trips were scaring me, for example – one month in Brazil, which seemed impossible until I made it. But with strong willing and believing all the dreams can come true. The most important things are to don’t be afraid, dream big, express gratitude, see the possibilities, take the opportunities and while achieving any goal learn to rest not to quit.

So in conclusion I would like to say that I am interested in something that is not tangible or something that is very simple, something that requires the development of one’s abilities or sensations, or something that takes just a few seconds of silence to understand, and all these “some things” lights the fire in my heart, and give the meaning to my life.

Hey, you! Don’t be afraid to to give yourself everything you’ve wanted in life!